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Company Policy

 Rashad  Sweets Company competent in the production of varieties East Arabic sweets and are committed to manage client satisfaction and gain the trust of staff in terms of satisfaction with product safety and quality and safety during production and enduring commitment to the legal requirements governing the work and the requirements of standard ISO 22000 and continuous improvement of the system and found that in the application of the (ISO 22000) will to achieve the objectives of the company, namely: -
1) increase the awareness of staff responsibilities and duties imposed on them in the lab for the safety and quality of food

2) Work to control and reduce risks in order to preserve the integrity of the product to the acceptable limits, both the risk of physical, chemical or biological

3) reduce the time required for production and reduce the problems by automating the production lines to reach the competing product price, quality and safety

4) reduce waste as much as possible in all the resources in the lab (human - physical - raw materials – time - ……….)

5) expansion of the domestic market and increasing the global market through quality and diversity of products

We as management and employees strive to achieve these policy and dissemination at all levels in the company



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